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Fri at 22:17
KD pretty irrelevent except in TDM. Pay attention to your score per game and your WL. That will let you know if you are important to your team or not.
Fri at 22:33
i'm pretty sure he uses KD as a way to make the roster considering there are only like ~20 people per console in diamond
Keep it up guys ill be on tomorrow so someone pick me up
It would be cool if we started a clash of clans just saying
Anybody watching megladon the new evidence on discovery ??
Sat at 4:24
He is smarter than that. Played with some people with less than 1 KD in diamond. Small piece of the pie.
I want to try for domain but same here not sure if I'll make it but it doesn't hurt to tru
Sat at 7:07
Hey what's up everyone?
Sat at 16:26
lol, this is why I don't play blitz nor pay attention to peoples KD's. That poor dude.
Sat at 18:15
Hey guys if you havent already heard ive just announced the MLG team's new roster. It consists of myself, HG icyy, Fizlur, and RabbiJewseph. Please show your support and follow @HGMLGTEAM on twitter for more info
Sat at 20:15
Hey guys clan meeting today @ 5 so yeah
Sun at 0:07
Nobody wants to play with me :cry:
Sun at 3:27
Excited forthis fantasy football!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sun at 16:36
WSUP HG family.... if u haven't heard yet, HG has its own euro twitter page.... please go RT @HG_EURO
so who won the diamond wars?
Mon at 5:12
Mon at 13:21
Wish screenshots of ending wars were posted on twitter or even on the web page. Win or not both divisions should be posted consistently somewhere?
Mon at 15:41
Can anyone recuirt me please
Mon at 17:08
have you put in an application?
Mon at 20:38
Doc has a point.\
Tue at 6:10
Its great to game with you guys again
Wed at 1:44
cant wait to play tonite
Wed at 1:44
cant wait to play after wrk
24 hours ago
were do i fill the app out at jad someone tell me to join last nite
15 hours ago
Top of page where says "Join an HG Clan"
6 hours ago
i put in a ap wat do i do now
6 hours ago
hang out, play with people......
meow meow
44 mins ago
Hit an Split is now HG MonStar
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