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Tue at 18:56
Xzyst are you sure your application was submitted?
Tue at 19:11
Tue at 19:11
Hey man
Tue at 19:11
what's chill?
Tue at 19:11
Just trying to sort some stuff on the site
Tue at 19:12
Sounds like a blast
Tue at 19:12
Well I should be working lol
Tue at 19:12
I should be doing my physics
Tue at 19:13
Lol got to get that homework done
Tue at 19:15
I'll do it later
Tue at 19:15
gotta eat something
Tue at 19:16
Food is more important
Tue at 19:17
nothing like a loaf of italian bread
Tue at 19:19
I hear that
Tue at 19:24
sup guys
Tue at 19:49
Tue at 20:12
Can i take part in clan wars i keep asking but nobody ever invites me
Tue at 22:23
ask your captain
Tue at 23:21
do you guys have a ps3 devision by any chance
Tue at 23:58
We do not. only a ps4
Thu at 4:38
How come awakening doesn't have cool coloring around our names? :(
Thu at 5:30
JK I just noticed my name is like a more defined purple...
Thu at 20:20
Who here streams ??
Thu at 20:22
If you play music in your stream could you slide into my dm on twitter or shoot me a message here. Please and thanks
Thu at 21:49
To play music through your stream you gotta have it playing through your computer and set your broadcasting software to play desktop audio
Thu at 22:29
Sweet that's what I was trying to figure out. I have used obs on my phone but new to the whole console streaming I ordered and elgato hd60 for ps4
Fri at 5:14
15 hours ago
I have xero idea what im doing. I am using OBS, elgato hd60 and Astrom mixamp pro. I got everything working but my mic now echoes and I get double mic broadcast to my stream
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