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Sep 8, 14
their we go it hasent let me click send in days, I havent been online in a few days iv been busy with school and work and other unexspected things that popped up. I will be online everyday for clans wars and ill be online regulary when i get cought up with my schedule. Also im hooking my console back up
Sep 10, 14
new name HG Sonic
Sorry I haven't been on in a while. It's our busy time of year at work and I have been slammed!!!
Sep 10, 14
xShadowmanex your good bro i got you
who's ready for clan wars:)
hello HG family how is everyone today
Sep 11, 14
I'm down to run anything for clan wars right now if anyone is lookin for another player
Sep 12, 14
Sep 12, 14
good morning everyone
Sep 12, 14
hey im new to the clan im on the XB1. im a serious COD player i play to win not to lose. if u have twitter follow me. im trying to go pro wit my skills nd having HG for the support. upcoming twitch/youtuber
whos all ready for diamond clan wars tomorrow
Fri at 22:46
If you get invites for clan wars fucking reply with something, especially if they are sending you more than one message. You can say 6, full, hold on..... etc. Members will send you invites trying to get an invite back to join your party. Spent last 30 minutes trying to get a reply out of people and can't even get that. GL in diamond!
Sat at 1:54
Sat at 11:14
wat part of XB1 group im in.?so i know who my leaders are
Sat at 16:31
:d anyone on xbox 360 ghost platinum that wants to play should hit me up
Sat at 16:39
Just wondering how would i be able to get more info on battlefield 4 HG Unit
good first day in diamond guys keep up the good work
Sun at 5:37
we need more players to play with us For Platinum everyone is off just 4 of us online
Sun at 16:36
Can i participate in diamond clan wars?
Sun at 17:06
i dont know if you can just try to get a hold of icedtea and see if you can, if you cant just sign up for for next weekends diamond clan wars
Sun at 17:35
Need a re invite to the clan on 360. GT xOpTicMegatronx
Sun at 19:02
whos all ready for diamond today, lets get that win HG Strong
good job everyone for winning diamond this weekend HG Strong
Mon at 23:48
what'sup clan
In it to win it
16 hours ago
In Destiny if anyone wants to game up
I just signed up for both days so far have been the squad
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