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Sun at 20:57
Just send a reqest to join the D3 clan. :)
Mon at 1:44
Whats your Battlenet ID? Add Fastidious#1897
When's the invites getting sent out for the xbox one clan?
Mon at 22:39
Hello yall
Mon at 22:54
IcedTea good solid comedy right there
Mon at 22:54
Yeah ik lol
Mon at 22:55
how are you OBO?
Mon at 22:55
Good hbu?
Mon at 22:55
great about to get on here in a few. wanna link up?
Mon at 22:55
im XB1 btw
Mon at 23:08
i gotta full party sorry, im w/ darkside tho
Infinity Ward teases John “SOAP” MacTavish character skin for Ghosts
Tue at 19:41
Cool stuff!
Soap Legend Pack, 6 personalization packs, & Voice Over packs coming to Ghosts April 22nd on Xbox
Wed at 9:49
Check out the HG MORNING SESH. Every day from 5-7 am EST.. Come eat breakfast, Dubstep, and farm Rifts/Bounties with Homicidal Gaming. www.twitch.tv/hg_ponyboy
Thu at 3:43
Im down to do Diamond clan wars saturday and sunday
7 hours ago
When should I expect to hear back on my request to join?
7 hours ago
Let me know if that link works
Link works, awesome video!
guess what time it is ? its domination time
1 hour ago
Check out the HG Rift Farm SESH. 1.1 million DPS - Come have a drink, listen to a good Dubstep with Homicidal Gaming. www.twitch.tv/hg_ponyboy
Call of Duty Ghosts Update Extinction today
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Hey Guys!

i am one of the fortunate players that got a Beta-Code for Titanfall. In this post I will be telling you my impressions and my feedback about the game. I have reached Beta-Max-Rank 14 and have primly used the AR.

This is for sure a CoD-Killer. Even though it doesn't have that simulator realistic 21 century touch, it still blows. When playing as a pilot your gun-game plays like CoD or BF. Not like Halo. Even the jumping doesn't remind me of halo at all but more of Assassins Creed 4 just in Ego-Perspective. The game plays really smooth and feels much better then CoD or Bf. It is like a mixture. The weapons are extremely balanced and even the big map suite short range. On the Maps provided you have Angelcity, what reminds of a call of duty map except that you can reach the rooftops. The other bigger map does have a wide open space, but many underground buildings where you can play short range massively.

There were concerns of if the Titans are OP. Of course when a Titan locks on to you as a pilot. ... Astalavista baby ... but in my process ranking up to lvl 14 i have never played as a titan. only once. and was killed like 4 times from a titan. Titan really go for the KI or other titans and if you stick to interior or rooftops they will often not even notice you. My advice is to play the game like CoD and use the Titan as a kind of Guarddog in follow mode.

One really nice thing about the game that there are no rage quitters due to the Epilog. People can still escape at the end of the mach to get their small happy end. also there is hardly camping on the maps due to jetpacks, titans and no score streaks . You will quickly learn what rooftops are especially favored and where to watch out for higher players.

Another really nice aspect is the AI on the battle field. from my gameplay i have the feeling that they have less health. The nice thing about them is that they have their one sequences. You could be running inside a building and suddenly see friendly KI wrestling a enemy KI and you can save your Ki . The ki really gives the map a flow because you can always rip through enemys. (KI give less XP)

If you have any Questions ask, and i will feel free to answer them.

I personally give this new FPS 10/10 Ranking. It really is fun and competitive and just a breath of fresh air finally revealing a new NEXT GEN Shooter!

El Neubs
[DC] HG PONYBOY Nice review dude, FIVE STARS. Thank you!
[XI] HG ICEDTEA VIII aXI Pretty solid based on the beta
[AK] kamakazi1245 This game is amazing! ive never been more impressed by a beta


[DC] SmokedOut Jody Wow our team is going strong! So glad I am apart of the Homicidal Community! Can't wait till I get to play the next clan ...
Sly oo7 Can't wait for diamond. Do it all over again, Homicidal Strong!
[HELL] HG Smithers if sweden had no chance we are gonna need a new wrd for whay were doing to the clans atm!






"We are introducing the Diamond Division soon; it's coming in Februrary. We're working through all the specifics right now. It's going to be a different play pattern -- shorter engagements. We have multiple time zones, and the clan can pick and say 'we want to play during these times.' That's going to open up a four-hour window, and that's what matters. This will allow you to really coordinate and say, 'Hey -- game on, guys, let's do this' and not have to play 20-hour shifts like we've seen some clans do. We want to keep it reasonable and keep it very competitive."


"You're going to get an opt-in, essentially. It takes two Platinum wins to qualify -- first place in Platinum is the only way to qualify, so two of those. You'll get an invitation as a clan leader, in the app and probably email as well, saying 'Hey, you qualified, do you want to participate?' If you say yes, you're going to be pulled out of the other Clan War and you'll enter into the Diamond Division. It's either-or. If you try it and feel it's not for you, you can go back to the other Clan War -- we don't want to penalize you.


"There's also a leaderboard, which is very important to a lot of clans so they can see who is the best. You'll get points for playing in Diamond Division and you'll rank up worldwide."


"We have some other rewards, which you'll be seeing pretty soon. All I'll say is if you think Body Count armor is cool, we have some even cooler stuff. We'll have those announcements pretty soon, and the opt-ins will probably start in the next week or two -- we're still nailing down the exact timing of this."

Views...Thoughts opinions below would be appreciated. Thanks and enjoy!!!
[DC] SmokedOut Jody Add me as well
[DC] SmokedOut Jody I for sure need to get into the diamond division. Just know ill be ready
[IT] HG Hubbs Leader boards sound cool as hell

Clan Wars

[XI] HG XLKOTEKA VI aXI posted Dec 22, 13


DrCycle Wish I played with ya'll. But my buddy was playing for me at his house. Just to help you guys out. Good job!(:
GHOSTxWARRIOR84 well done boys and girls
[XI] HG STUMP VII aXI I didnt get to put much time into this one, but awesome work by everyone else
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 Is it really worth it? To spend almost between $80-$170 just for a controller that betters you at playing Call Of Duty.Well our very own HG Rise (Aka HG BlindBoomer) says it very much is worth it. Rise has always been great at the Call of Duty Scene since Modern Warfare 3 so I wanted to get his take on these controllers.

      Knowing Rise and the bad ass gamer that he is...I knew he always wanted to be he to be the best at any game he played. According to Rise, around the release of MW3 he went out and  searched for a gaming controller that would fit his needs to be the best at CoD. He came across this little know company at the time called "Scuf Gaming" who mass produced their own controllers. Rise had been following one of his favorite sniping/competitive teams, Team Envyus, and saw that they sported the brand themselves. It intrigued him enough and he went out and made the purchase. A purchase he says he has never regretted. 

      I had a few minutes and had a sit down talk with Mr. Rise himself. Knowing I would be writing this article, I  asked him a few questions about the controller and the Scuf brand itself. I started off asking what he thought was the biggest difference between regular controllers and Scuf's? "The back paddles, you can set up your back paddles to be either your A, B, X, or Y buttons" he also added "the controllers themselves are mostly wired though" said Rise as he proceed to tell me more about the controller. "But that was when I bought mine... now they have come out with a Hybrid wireless controller now and YES they make controllers for ALL consoles except Wii, and the Wii U." The paddles are a unique and ingenuous addition that was implemented by Scuf Gaming. Basically, during that in-game 1v1 combat you're able to fire your weapon while tapping the preprogrammed paddles. Like Rise had mentioned you can set the paddles to be used as the A, B, X, or Y buttons. Strafe jumping while firing your weapon...now thats bad ass!! Advantage...Scuf.

Then I asked him if he was overall satisfied with the company making these controllers specifically for CoD gamers? He replied "Yes, I am happy that Scuf Gaming makes controllers for Call of Duty." I mean I had to ask but it seemed blatantly obvious what his response would have been.

Next question was what his thoughts for them making their controllers for the Xbox One  and if he thought they would be coming out with one for this console.He had this to say,"They are most likely are because of how big they have gotten within the Competitive Call of Duty scene." I mean they almost have to right? I guess we'll see...As of now Scuf is actively sponsoring such teams as FaZe, Optic and Fariko....you may have heard of them.

My final question was how he sees this company in a year from now? He stated, "I believe, more and more people will know more about them  in time with them sponsoring more Call Of Duty Youtuber's such as zzGrizz and TMartan." Personally, I think that Scuf controllers has become the "next big thing" in the gaming industry and I don't see them going anywhere but up. They are getting alot of exposure from MLG and YouTube so they are definitely doing something right.

Now here comes the Devil's Advocate, why get one? I have to be impartial and ask the questions I know some of you are asking. Why spend the money to get a extra boost for your game when you can already do it with a regular controller? You have all your buttons right there on the front of the controller, why do you need the extra ones on the back? If you need to have that extra boost in your game, then you should already be good at the game and really don't need it? Right? This comes back to each gamers personal preference and the dough that they're willing to fork over. You can not tell me that if you didn't have $200 to spare you wouldn't at least be interested in getting that leg up advantage in gaming.

In-conclusion from what I heard and who I interviewed, Scuf Gaming Controllers are there to help people out who are willing to cough up the money to get them. On the other hand, for some gamers they already have enough skill to do what the Scuf controllers are capable of doing.

[LG] Soundless Scream I believe that many but not most gamers would consider this "cheating." It's not my opinion but a common one I ...
Sly oo7 I'll have to check these out do they have xbox one controllers?
HG PYRO this is awesome info, im definitely gonna check one of these out, thanks!!!
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